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Get embeddable analytics from your data in a few lines of code with our intelligent analytics machine.

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Meet Maggie, Popily’s super brain

Maggie is our intelligent analytics machine. It automates computation and analysis that would require a data scientist.

Analytics in reports, charts, dashboards

Add analytics into one-stop dashboards or strategically display them at the right time to the right user in your software.

Location analytics and fancy maps

Load in country, city, zip code, or region specific data sets and get detailed interactive maps with built-in location analytics.

More than just charts

Gender classification, sentiment analysis, and text analysis from social media or from any amount of unstructured data.

Custom styles and visualizations

Design the visualizations to fit seamlessly into your technology’s look and feel, customize the analytics to your hearts content.

Multi-tenancy for your security

Set the security to exactly what you need, whether your data is stored in unique databases or in co-mingled data sources.

JavaScript visualization library

Use Popily.js to customize colors, labels, and personalize analytics so they fit beautifully into your technology.

Find the right analytics visually

Enter your API request into the browser to take a peek at the analytics and visually explore your data.

Analytics update on the fly

As your data updates, Maggie updates the computations so your analytics are always on point.

Advanced caching for fast performance

Optimized queries and advanced caching for blazing fast computations, analysis, and visualizations.

How it works

Pro tip: Check out a full demo

Step 1: Add Popily's javascript library

<script src="popily.min.js"><script>

Step 2: Send your data to Popily

var sourceData = {
    connection_string: 'mysql://u:p@host:port/database',
    query: 'SELECT * FROM sales'

popily.addSource(sourceData, function(err, source) {

Step 3: Ask for the analysis you want

var params = {
    source: 'superstore-sales',
    columns: ['Sales', 'Product Category'],
    calculation: 'average'

popily.chart.getAndRender('#my-awesome-element', params);


We  Developers!

With Maggie in your corner, you’ll be able to quickly add advanced and intelligent analytics into your software -- and get data scientist bragging rights.

Saves you tons of work

Connects right to your data sources so you can keep all your charts, reports, analytics, and dashboards up to date. Never need to run the same query twice.

APIs are the best!

Our API is designed to be easy for developers - not data scientists. Check out our API Docs, come hang out with us on Slack.

Safe and secure

Requests to Popily are encrypted with SSL, and we follow industry standard cryptographic best practices.

Runs in your existing environment

Cloud-based or On-premise, whatever works for you.

Business people, you rock!

Data hungry customers

Analytics keeps your data hungry customers coming back, give them exactly the analytics they want.

Works for any customer

Intuitive and easy to understand visual analytics, specially designed for both technical and non-technical customers.

Competitive edge

Differentiate your product from your competition with customer-friendly analytics that you can simply embed into your application.

Reduce churn and land new business

Engage your customers in conversation around their data, keep them coming back to your application to monitor their dashboard and access reports.

Engineer friendly

Building analytics from scratch takes months of hard work and your engineers already have a lot on their plate. Popily provides the analytics as a service to your engineers, so they can focus on building your product.

Scales with you with little risk

Start small and grow as quickly as you need to -- our pricing tiers will let your analytics scale without massive costs upfront

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